Beauty treatments at the luxury Spa Seaside Palm Beach in Gran Canaria

    Facial Treatments

    Explore the possibilities offered by our luxury spa and select from a range of facial treatments available at Seaside Palm Beach in Gran Canaria.

    Classical facial treatments:

    Hydro power

    Moisturising treatment, customised to your individual skin type.

    (80 min ---- 119,- € Euro)

    Vitamin C

    Facial treatment rich in anti-oxidants impregnates your skin with pure vitamin C, which has been proven to help your skin regenerate the outer layer and stimulate the circulation of the blood. Firm and shiny skin thanks to vitamin C!

    (80 min ---- 129,- € Euro)

    Acne solution (for our younger guests)

    Deep cleansing and care for face and décolleté .

    (80 min ---- 98,- € Euro)

    Diamond experience

    Luxury anti-aging treatment, sensational care with high-quality ingredients.

    (90 min ---- 198,- € Euro)

    Lifting facial treatments:

    Lifting express

    Intensive facial peel followed by the application of a cooling anti-ageing seaweed mask.

    (45 min ---- 68,- € Euro)


    Manual 3-D lifting technique: intensive firming and filling of fine lines and wrinkles.

    (80 min --- 159,- € Euro)

    Micro lift

    Rellena y reafirma intensamente las arrugas con la técnica manual 3-D-Lifting

    (1x80 min --- 179,- € Euro or 3x80 min --- 483,- € Euro)


    The latest in anti-ageing technology to refill and diminish the look of wrinkles using cold laser technology. Spectacular results visible after just one session, without the use of Botox or injections.

    (1x80 min --- 198,- € Euro or 3x80 min --- 534,- € Euro)

    Compact beauty treatments:

    After-sun treatment

    For sun-damaged skin.

    (45 min --- 59,- € Euro)

    Vital eyes

    Treatment specifically for the eye contour area.

    (1x30 min --- 45,- € Euro or 3x30 min --- 129,- € Euro)

    Facial lymphatic drainage

    To reduce swelling and congestion in the eye contour area.

    (25 min --- 39,- € Euro)

    Eyelash dyeing

    14,- € Euro

    Eyebrow dyeing

    11,- € Euro

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